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Aim: To prevent crime by reducing reoffending rates through coordinated targeting of resources at those offenders whose criminogenic needs require additional intervention and support.

The Reducing Reoffending Project is a 3 year pilot project which began in December 2012 and runs to December 2015. The main part of the project is to provide 7000 intensive mentoring sessions to offenders on release from prison and it will work on a multi-agency basis to improve offenders’ self-worth, self-motivation, desire to change and willingness to engage.  It will also increase their opportunities to receive education, training and employment and guide them through the 7 pathways out of reoffending. This programme is delivered by our partners, MALS Merseyside – they are a not for profit Charity based in Knowsley.  The project will also look at using peer mentors (ex offenders) who have turned their life around. It is hoped that by using peer mentors, offenders will be able to relate to the mentor as they will have had the same/similar experiences.  They will be able to draw upon these experiences to help move the offenders away from an offending lifestyle.

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