Action Learning Set 2

Action Learning Set 2 (ALS2) took place in June 2013 and was hosted by Knowsley MBC. The main aim of this ALS was to:

  • Explore the ways in which the good practice demonstrated by the Knowsley agencies and the mentoring cases outlined by MALS might be transferred amongst the partners
  •  Explore what works well/might work well in any particular case and why (i.e. Knowsley, Italy or The Hague)?
  •  What does each partner have in their area which might facilitate a mentoring type scheme?

A copy of the papers from the day can be found below:

Action Learning Set 2 – Agenda

Introduction – ALS2

Knowsley Introduction ALS2

Integrated Offender Management in Knowsley ALS2

Overview of Youth Justice in Knowsley ALS2

MALS Life Change Programme Update ALS2

A copy of the findings report from ALS 2 can be found below:

Action Learning Set 2 – English

Action Learning Set 2 – Dutch

Action Learning Set 2 – Italian