Action Learning Sets

 What are Action Learning Sets?

The Centre for the Study of Crime, Criminalisation and Social Exclusion (CCSE) uses action learning methods to facilitate a series of action learning sets (ALS) which form a key part of an independent evaluation of the emerging best practice from the different partner organisations. The action learning (AL) takes place through a repeated cycle of experience, reflection, proposing ideas based on that reflection and planning to test those ideas. Hence the project partners or community of practice (CoP) will share information and experiences and hence learn from each other. From the perspectives of the different partners who make up the action learning sets,  some key evaluation questions are:

  • what are the partners doing to reduce reoffending?
  • what result is the particular approach having on reoffending rates?
  • what works well, for whom and under what circumstances?
  • an exploration of ways in which the good practice from elsewhere might feasibly be transferred amongst the partners?

Six action learning meetings hosted by the different international partners take place through the life of the project. Following each meeting a report will be written that captures the learning from that meeting. Each of these reports will be a log of the activity at each stage. These logs will be cumulative in that they will build upon the previous ALS log. The logs will mirror the discussion questions detailed in the ALS workshops. For example, the logs may include lessons learnt, results achieved, benefits realised, feedback from participants, improvements to processes, problems overcome, identified risks and best practice.