Action Learning Set 3

Action Learning Set 3 (ALS3) took place in February 2014 and was hosted by the European Research Institute in Turin, Italy.  The main aim of this ALS was to look at:

  • What progress/interventions have each of the partners made since the last meeting in June 2013?
  • Discuss the context of any new intervention, however small
  • Who is involved?
  • What are the partnership arrangements?
  • What are the mechanisms of change?
  • What are the intended outcomes of the intervention? Were there any unintended outcomes?

A copy of the papers from the day can be found below:

Action Learning Set 3 – Agenda

MALS Progress Presentation ALS3

ERI processo Minorile ALS3

ProcessoPenale-IT-EN ALS3

LJMU Research Team Presentation

 A copy of the findings from ALS3 can be found here:

Action Learning Set 3 – English

Action Learning Set 3 – Italian

Action Learning Set 3 – Dutch