Action Learning Set 4

Action Learning Set 4 (ALS4) took place in September 2014 and was hosted by Knowsley MBC in the UK.  The partners attended an afternoon session of the Life Change Programme at HMP Liverpool, followed by the ALS the next day.  Discussion centred around the following:

  • Reflection on the LCP observation at the Prison
  • Update on the SMART action plans produced at ALS3
  • The extent to which the LCP can be imported into Italy and The Netherlands
  • The challenges of the changing criminal justice landscapes
  • Where are we now?  What needs to be done to achieve our aims?

Below you will find the agenda and presentations from the day:

Action Learning Set 4 – Agenda

Knowsley SMART action plan ALS4

ERI SMART action plan ALS4

Taking Stock, Looking Ahead – activity 6 presentation ALS4

Learning was captured in the following report by LJMU:

Action Learning Set 4 – English

Action Learning Set 4 – Italian

Action Learning Set 4 – Dutch