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The Project Support workers will be based within the multi agency Integrated Offender Management team and have direct access to the case management system.

The project methodology will consist of a number of different elements including:

  • Development of 12 month Individual Mentoring Plans with key milestones, for male and female offenders in response to the specific needs of the individual,
  • Introduce a 24 hour mentoring helpline for offenders
  • Development of a Life Change programme that will consist of individual and group work and will focus on the specific needs of the offender. The programme will include:
    • Values and attitudes
    • Strengths and weakness
    • Communication Skills
    • Self Reflection
    • Stereotyping
    • Behaviour types
    • Victim Awareness/ Restorative Justice
    • Causes and consequences
    • Enhanced thinking skills
    • Setting goals and Targets
    • Interview Techniques
    • C.V. writing
    • Domestic Violence Victim/ Survivor support programme
  • The introduction of a case management system in to Merseyside will enable:
    • Provision of a quick accurate reference point for any staff involved with Integrated Offender Management in Merseyside
    • Supporting the gathering and approval of additional useful information across all partners involved within the IOM process
    • Management of performance against set criteria
    • Management of cross border offending
    • Effective integration with other solutions to achieve the following:
      –  Avoiding duplication of effort
      –  Providing information for management strategy and policy making
  • Hold Action Learning sets so we can share our best practice with other EU partners and learn from others’ experiences within the reducing reoffending field
  • Develop best practice guides throughout the cycle of the project so the results from the project can be shared to the wider European partner countries for the purposes of establishing a cross border integrated approach in support of addressing the priorities
  • Develop an independent, statistically robust evaluation of the whole project to ensure that it is cost effective and meets the objectives that are set out above and contained within the funding criteria